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What’s so wrong with starting over?

Unfortunately, we are conditioned to believe that having to go back and analyse our flight path is a sign of (massive) failure.

Take something like websites.

For most businesses, they grew up, electronically, in an era when it was necessary to have a limited digital presence, in most part to replicate their brochure(s). But, nowadays, the website has to answer a multitude of questions – the brochure version doesn’t cut it. The problem is that the landscape which people look to (or copy!) hasn’t changed much, and there is a dearth of originality.

My plea – or should that be a clarion call – is for everyone to go back to square one and start asking some serious questions:

  1. Why do we need a website?
  2. What’s its purpose?
  3. How will we differentiate our offering among all the other me-too varieties circling around?
  4. How will we keep on message with our brand values?
  5. Do we properly understand our demographic and psychographic?
  6. Who will resource it?
  7. Who will ensure that it doesn’t fall into disrepair?

You get the picture.

Right now, the talks that I give are focused much less on mastery of the social media platforms but, rather, the importance of your own, unique digital capital. Yes, it might seem basic, but only because social media has become a distraction from leveraging the greatest value you possess – the people within your midst. After all, it’s their creative minds that will provide you with the WOW content that will differentiate your business and its offering.

Please don’t feel that social media isn’t important – it is – but when your messages are directing me back to your desired hub, please make sure that what I find excites me, rather than leaving me feeling a huge sense of disappointment.

Starting over needn’t involve breaking the bank, but it may just be the wisest decision you ever make.

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