Do you truly, deeply, madly ….

Care about yourself?

Care about your loved ones?

Care about your philosophy?

Care about your work/life balance?

Care about your life chances?

Care about your most precious possessions?

Care about your career?

Care about your impact on the environment?

Care about the mess we are leaving behind for our children?

Care about our belief systems – do they enhance or inhibit your growth?

Care about …. well pretty much anything to be honest?

Whatever it is that moves you, you sure as hell care about it. You don’t need some crutch or prop to get you going do you? You just Do It.

If that is right then why do so many of us find it difficult to motivate ourself for work or some aspect of it?

Let’s face it in the current straightened times, motivation, even the type where you are having to fake your game face, should be easy or at least it should be a bit of no brainer. If you don’t cut the mustard then it is very likely that there are more than a few candidates who could step into your shoes.

Now you may feel that that is akin to fear, and indeed you may be right, but again if you truly, deeply care about what you are doing, are you simply waging war with your inner-self to say that the only thing that is keeping you in this lousy job is the fear of losing it?

Steve Pressfield talks about the resistance – that inner voice that stops you doing something – but that seems slightly counter-intuitive. However, if you truly cared about something would you really, whatever the risk, sit on a job that you weren’t inspired by? No. Surely not.

If you are holding things down to survive then fine but please, please care about what you are doing. Try to take something our of the day and not just go through the motions. Life is too short and incredibly fragile. Start planning your future. Think about what you might want to set as your New Year’s resolutions. But don’t delay on this. You only get one chance.


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