Don’t be tempted

“PR and promo addiction starts this way. It’s the easy and lazy way to keep your product selling. Spray and pray. Work the kindling system, get the quick bits of attention and then move on.”

This is an extract from yesterday’s blog post of Seth Godin.

Like a lot of his blog posts they carry significant import.

Spray and Pray

Can you see it?

The ‘spray and pray’ line of thinking?

It’s everywhere.

Perhaps it’s just a sign of the times. After all, our attention span is so short it’s no wonder that we resort to the more-is-better line of thought.

I’m no angel!

Stop and focus.

Can you answer these Questions:

1. Who are you?

2. What do you stand for?

3. How much do you value your legacy?

The point is, if you can address these as opposed to: (a) how often can I bug others for attention; or (b) convince everyone that you can meet their (faux) desire or (ethereal) pain then you will, in the long term, build something of value.

In my case it means focusing on:

  • Developing my blogging
  • Writing essays – see Paul Graham
  • Writing Ebooks to give away
  • Writing manifestos
  • Giving talks
  • Hosting workshops

All of this is achievable.

For me, the future doesn’t lie in more but less.

I know that sounds cliched but the more you do, the more you feel compelled to do.

Given the nature of real time media, the moment can suck you in and before you know where you are, you have wasted a lot of time without much to show for your efforts.

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