Social Media

don’t get lost in social media

if you have been persuaded of the import of social media, it is tempting to go all out on twitter, linkedin, google+ and blogging.

[i haven’t been short on doing my bit to promote things]

engagement is the starting point.

finding a voice.

and earning (some) attention (cf. notoriety).

but if you are not careful you will find yourself lost in a sea of tweets, comments and a commitment that knows no bounds.

and then

you will ask

what do I have to show for it?

a strategy

a policy

and a stripping back of the time commitment

all help.

but ultimately social (digital) media is about creating something that transcends your computer.

people to people to people.

you have to focus less on the production and more on the value (in bucket loads).

it is hard.

the same people support you.

and you know exactly the sort of message you will get, but ultimately it is not what you say to them but what they say to others to others.

stand back

look at your reach, influence and opportunities won.

don’t get lost in social media for the sake of it.

it is a wonderful medium but having a bushel of platforms and mentions isn’t the same thing as delivering an idea that influences.

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