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Don’t give up on social media

Nothing is easy.

Social media is no different.

It is tempting to believe that if you follow the ‘ABCs’ that your efforts will transmute to success.

Unfortunately, social media is replete with a plethora of ‘experts’ who all seem to have some unique, but, ultimately, generic twist on how to turn the blood, sweat and tears of creating content into Gold (not the Olympic variety!)  Also, you would think there was nothing else on the agenda. I know we all occupy our (little) space, but just once in a while it would be nice if someone were to talk about something else (that includes me!).

Everyone is trying to make their way in this super-connected world; and whilst there are a few people who have found the key to opening a window on a new vantage point to their business, their are many more who haven’t yet broken through?

If you reflect on what you have done, it would be nice to see a pattern emerge which you can formulate and apply day after day; but, in truth, things are still so embryonic that it’s nearly impossible to ascribe to one line of exploration and know that you will be successful. And, there is often a temptation to do more – Tweet more, produce more content and generally make a ruckus – but if you are not careful you will burn out or p*** people off, or both.

Stop and focus.

What is it that you want to say?

What are you passionate about?

What does success really mean?

Are you really committed?

And, is your content the best it can be (remarkable or whatever label you care to use)?

If you can’t answer these and whole series of other questions that are no doubt bubbling under the surface, then don’t be afraid to stop what you are doing and go back to basics.

Focus on:

1. The People – internal and external;

2. Your objectives. Be modest in what you want to achieve. Social media won’t make for a great business. It will just put the shine on it.

3. Have a clear strategy that includes the metrics, so important in measuring the Return on Investment (ROI).

4. Focus on the fewest number of platforms possible. Start with the website and work outwards. Make sure that you don’t end up diluting one content rich platform with another.

Finally, if you are doing ‘it’ out of a sense of obligation then ask yourself if this is sustainable over the long haul. And I mean years not months.

– Julian

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