Don’t panic

In case it’s not already obvious from my proliferation of ever-so-slightly nihilistic Tweets, I’m worried about the impending (or is it already upon us?) climate catastrophe.

Why is that?

The anxiety bit.

I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because the news, certainly in my quarter, is so heinous, so desperately sad.

Of course, to the majority of the scientific community, they’d say that the ghost of disaster — climatic and everything else — has been among us for a very long time. You might argue from at least the start of the industrial revolution.

Previously, or certainly in my more upbeat moments, I’d have sloughed it off, looked for the incisive bright spots, and I’d be proselytising a very different message. But that feels (now) totally alien to my deepest fears — the ones that tell me (sorry dear readers) that “we’re all doomed”.

Where does that leave me along the vista of living day to day?

That’s a good question.


But I’ll get through it. Indeed, having spent the weekend musing on the issue, particularly as regards my moral and ethical obligations as a lawyer in the thick of the CO2 debate, I feel that perhaps I can make a difference on my watch that or I might be the firestarter the business needs to look itself squarely in the climate catastrophe face.


— Ju