Don’t plan anything

“Be. Drop becoming.”


We’re always looking at ways to fix things: our life, our relationships, and our work.

As I’ve said previously, what would it feel like to assume that everything was already perfect? (Try not to live on the surface of this thought.)

Not today but certainly before the New Year’s celebrations start in earnest, we will begin (all over again) the thinking process about how things will be different in 2014.¬†We will start planning what we want/need to accomplish; all the habits we want to change; and how many new things we need.

But, in truth, you don’t need to pursue any of these things.

You should instead practice allowing yourself to be; to exist fully in the moment; and not allowing yourself to be carried along on a tide of mental activity aimed at getting or becoming.

As I’ve written about before, I have no goals for 2014.

Instead, I see my task as living fully in each moment.

Yes, let presence be your watchword, and the rest (as they say) will take care of itself.

Have a wonderful day.

– Julian.



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