“Engage or Die”, Brian Solis ~ Social Media at its core

This post is 250 words, which is short especially for a ex-lawyer.

If you haven’t read Brian Solis’ book, Engage! then I implore you to do so. I also suggest that you read his blog.

My plea, taken from the title to this post, is for those firms contemplating social media for business development purposes to ensure that you have the whole firm on board and ready to engage. The internal dynamic is more important in many respects than your outward facing efforts.

I don’t much care what operational model you pursue but unless you carry the firm with you, then you will struggle to make any impression and social media will become a distraction. Worse than that it may harm your brand.

Whether it is the collation of news, client wins, CSR, PR, leveraging your intellectual capital or using your business development material, you need to understand that it cannot fall to one or two people. Everyone has a role to fulfil.

For me, social media is about the story. Even 140 characters can be very powerful. If you don’t believe me go grab Tom Peters’ Twitter feed, and you will see what I mean.

Internal bridges have to be built.

Silos knocked down.

Excite the internal market.

Bugging, buying or begging for attention will no longer work.

Engagement is paramount. The sort of engagement that has the power to touch people and make a difference.

~ Julian Summerhayes ~

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