every lawyer should start a Pinterest page

Heard about it: Pinterest?

Another social media platform to worry about?


But, on my initial foray, I have earned 186 followers and some activity on the scant material that I have so far posted (or is it pinned?).

Here are two examples:

the minimalists

gary vaynerchuk 

[note: Seth Godin is not on Pinterest nor does he Tweet anything other than his blog …]

OK they are not in the legal space but just look at the narrative.

And the context.

And the range of media covered.

If I was in practice then I could, even with the scantiest of creativity, work out what I might develop as my boards (and start pinning):

> my bio;

> my collateral;

> my reported cases;

> my testimonials;

> details of my services;

> CSR;

> firm news;

> video;

> my favourite things;

> my interests;

> the best thing about my job;

> events;

> on-line legal services (if you offer them);

> something fun, irreverent or off beat (hard I know but just to give you a personality).


Because, as an early adopter, you may start to gain a following of people who in turn have the ability to talk about your inventiveness, mindset and, possibly, something of interest.

On first blush it will be hard to conceive of clients taking too much away from the eclectic mood board (above) but the more I study the platform, the more convinced I am that it will end up being a repository for a lot of your material that is currently surfing the web.

In my case, I can see how I integrate:





Google docs





You Tube



Some of my blog.

In truth, if I was to work on the boards in more detail, I could distil a lot of the categories in my blog – social media, excellence, personal branding – and probably, for a certain demographic, make the journey much more interesting.

I think like a lot of people in the social media space, I want to give it time to shake down, just to make sure that I don’t find myself wasting oodles of time on something that loses traction after a few months.

But right now I don’t see you have anything to lose.

If you are not convinced then here is an excellent article by Social Media Examiner which has been Re-Tweeted 3601 times at the time of writing this blog. There are some great tips (and it saves me reinventing the wheel).

I would love to know your views.

Why don’t you email me, or tweet me or let’s start a Hangout on Google + to discuss.

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