Everything doesn’t have to be Public

Social media is a huge vista.

Your voice knows no bounds.

And, there is a light at the end of the tunnel that draws you in.

The potential to scale is overwhelming, and you begin the process of salami slicing your life and experience.

In many instances, I feel I know more about the person than any amount of face time would reveal.

But hold on.

Before the advent of the digital revolution, would you have dared to deluge the published media in the same way you use social media, and regale them with your thoughts, travails and random thoughts (of genius?)?

To stand out you don’t have to share everything.

I may want to learn from your experience, but your situation is not mine.

You may feel it cathartic to share your frustrations, but the more you keep reminding me of the same point, the more likely I am to feel you are stuck.

If you feel the need to purge yourself – grief, frustration or exhilaration – then you don’t need to always share in public. Instead, buy yourself a journal and let your thoughts ‘on paper’ do the talking.

Your legacy is everything.

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