Everything is broken

So many things are broken:


How did it get like this?

I mean at what stage did we allow things to fall into such decrepitude?

Is it that we don’t care? As in, as long as we’re OK, even if we live a small, self-contained life, we don’t give a fig about the state of the nation.

I’m not sure.

But I know one thing, the direction of travel is, despite the hope-sprayers among you (I’m not one of them), baked in and lamentably it’s only going to get worse — much worse.

Of course I can’t possibly know that — as my wife constantly reminds me, I don’t have a crystal ball — but if the passing of age has taught me anything, it’s that once standards are in freefall, lies get told without sanction, language falls into disrepute and money is the apogee of a life well-lived, we’re in serious, serious trouble.

Sorry, I know it’s all a bit depressing, perhaps bordering on nihilistic, but just once in a while, it pays to call things out for how they really are and not pretend otherwise.