Express yourself

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

I think my blogs are becoming too long.

This one is much shorter.

All of us have a gift. As children, we’re allowed to explore the edges of this nascent genius, but, as we grow older, we’re conditioned to believe that money is more important than self-realisation.

I should know, because until I found blogging (and some of the other social media tools, which I’ve since abandoned in favour of deep work), I’d assumed that, save for a summer break, when I might return to poetry or drawing, I’d have to wait until I retired to connect with my true passion.

I’m not saying that blogging is the only vehicle to find out who you are, but there’s a lot to be said for opening yourself up in a way that transcends the usual ‘get better’ speak.

Even if blogging’s not your thing, I’d suggest you start a journal or a podcast so that, at the very least, you explore what’s really going when the inner dialogue starts up, questioning where you’ve disappeared to in a world that never lets you show up as true self.

The thing is, the world is getting ever more crowded, and whilst I’m not suggesting that you make a hue and cry just to be seen, I’m firmly of the view that if you listen too much to others you’ll lose, possibly forever, that sense of purpose that only comes when you live true to who are you.