Finding new meaning

We’re struggling to make sense of:

the numbers
the loss of freedom
the connection
the touch
the life we had.

I feel it. In fact, I often wonder how much more of ‘this’ I can take but then I double down on the lament, the ennui and remind myself that this will pass — like so many things in (my) life.

But saying that and living it is very different.

And then it occurred to me. Perhaps this is only the start…of the new normal (oh god, how I hate that phrase — what the f*** is normal about any of this?), and, instead, I’ve got to start afresh in my search for meaning. I’ll be honest, though, this seems utterly contrived. I mean, now is now, life is life, love is…everything!

But I do feel a draw to at least contemplate its full exposure.

Anyhow, it’s Friday. Thank the Lord. I’ll be glad to take a couple of days off the Hamster Wheel of legal shenanigans.

Take care.

Much love, Julian