Finding peace in our lives

“Detachment is a state, it is not a totalisation of achieved indifferences.”

– Wei Wu Wei

If there’s one message that’s crucial to my work, it’s in finding inner peace.

It’s not to follow what I say (what I do know anyway?), or to follow the same line of self-enquiry – Who am I?. It’s to come to a place where you make peace with who you are.

Some might say that life is about being happy but that state, for most, means having more of the things they like and a lot less of what they don’t like. In doing so this sets up discontentment for life.

But, it’s all in the mind.

To be precise, it’s when we believe some thoughts and disregard others.

My journey – the seeker if you will – has made me (the old me) realise that peace, serenity and an acceptance of what is, is the only place. That doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts or opinions. It means that as I grow in awareness of who I am, I don’t energise those thoughts to be point where they consume my life.

For most people, they’re conditioned to believe that life is about getting somewhere. But at no stage are they told that what is is what is. To do so, I’ve no doubt, would sound utterly defeatist. But when you take away the thinking mind, and that has happened to us all – think of flow, or being in the zone or moments of deep realisation – we’re not consumed with anything. It just is.

Now I know what you’re thinking. This guy is talking utter nonsense. We are what we are, and to make sense of our lives there has to be a purpose or outcome to what we do or don’t do i.e. cause and effect. But that will always set us on our way to disappointment, at least to the egoic mid.

Perhaps it’s an age thing, but I see so many people trying to wrestle with all those thoughts built up over years of trying really hard to build something, and then questioning the motive. What they never stop to ask is who’s asking the question(s). And until they reach that point, the mind will continue to play the same games.

If you’ve moved the pace on and tried your hand at meditation or mindfulness practice that’s wonderful but, again, the mind will quickly intercede and expect an outcome. And it’s always about the me.

But what if there was no purpose or object? What if meditation and mindfulness was just another expansion of what is?

When I started writing this blog, I shared with you my pearls of wisdom about all manner of things but there was always a nagging doubt about the message. So you get better at social media, or you buff up your personal brand or your business improves. But what next?

What I recognise now is that my blog has been a metaphor for my own awakening. In sharing my thoughts, I’ve come alive to the realisation that ‘to become what we truly are’ (see Man’s Search for Himself by Rollo May) doesn’t mean to go through a tick-box exercise to fulfil our physical, mental or emotional potential, but it’s to understand that we’re all no more than what is. We don’t have to do anything or become anything to awaken to our genius.

Unfortunately for the doer, coming alive to our true nature, which is indescribable, isn’t something we can find out by reading a book, taking a course or studying for. It’s spontaneous. It’s illuminating. And it just is.

In the past, I would have predicated this blog and some of recordings on Audioboo as another moment of realisation and one that I was happy to share. But I don’t feel like that. This is it. What I write about is what I write about. It might be social-media led. It might be more spiritual. It might be…well I don’t know. It will be what is. One thing I do know is that I’m drawn to the medium and that’s all there is. I’m certainly not on any mission to sell or promote a message. If I can help people then fantastic.

If I can share one final thought with you it’s simply this. Until you find a place of peace you will forever be searching. If you can immerse yourself in the presence of what is then you will be truly blessed.


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