Finding peace

“The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.”
― Soren Kierkegaard

Life is easy.

No really.

Of course, that’s not how the ego sees it.

It loves drama.

We think that to find peace, we’ve got to a get or avoid something.

And it works for a while. But the sensation we ascribe to the label happiness quickly wears off.

No, to find deep, lasting peace, we’ve got to give up the notion of chasing another pipe dream and instead stand on our two feet.

Who are you?

What are you?

Tough, mind-bending questions, eh?

If there’s a breakthrough moment it’s the time you realise that there’s a witnessing presence to your thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions. Better still, you see or perceive that you’re not in control of any of these things.

Again, that’s not how your Lizard Brain sees it.

It really does believe it’s in control of life.

If I can invite you to reflect on the stream of thoughts coming into your field of consciousness, what do you see and/or feel? Do you honestly believe that ‘you’ create them? If that’s right, then why can’t you turn them off or manipulate them to the point where you only see the world one way?

I’ll save you the pain and years of investigation.

You’re not in control of your thoughts any more than you how your blood flows, how your heart beats or your lungs expand and deflate.

No, the only thing you know for certain is that you’re aware of these things — i.e. your thoughts, feelings, sensations.

And if you can rest in that place and not argue with reality, then that’s the only way you’ll ever find peace.



Photo by Ihor Malytskyi on Unsplash

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