Finding yourself lost

2013-02-16 17.27.39


“I wasn’t lonely. I experienced no self-pity. I was just caught up in a life in which I could find no meaning.” ― Charles Bukowski




What happens?

A stream of inane thoughts…mostly about making things better.

Of course, we’re conditioned to believe that happiness is our goal, but what happens when we don’t get it?

We start all over again.

Perhaps we’re better off accepting this version of life, completely.

In that way, what’s there to gain…or lose?

In articulating our malaise (it’s only one of many), I know I’m asking you to indulge my view of the world; but when you’ve spent most of your life seeking something out there (as a source of power, acceptance and being) only to discover it’s a lie, I feel an overwhelming need to share my view, if only to stop you making the same mistakes as me.

If there’s a journey to begin it starts with questioning what you believe to be true and not expecting some blinding-flash-of-the-obvious answer, but instead to recognise that there are no answers worthy of living the life that exists now.

Instead, you have to be prepared to accept this moment as if you’d chosen it. Do that and everything changes.