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How many of you have a To Do list, stuffed full of undone tasks?

Indeed, given our proclivity to remain busy, it doesn’t take long to accumulate a slew of ‘To Dos’.

“OMG, how will I get all that done?”

But what happens is that you end up writing and rewriting the list in the vain hope that by putting what feels like the most important thing at the top of the list, it will get done.


it never happens.


And you end up deeply frustrated.

The only guaranteed way to achieve anything in life or business is to ………

Get (seriously, seriously) focused!


I can practically feel you wince, sigh, guffaw; but as someone who has established a reputation for being energetic, busy and ‘live’, I can tell you that if you want to get anything done, my advice is not to focus on more but on less.


In fact, if you can focus every day on no more than two or three things and work until you get each one done, you will be 100% more successful than you are now.

If that means going off-line or changing your environment then do it. Presenteeism isn’t in your interest in these moments.

Of course, you have to back the winners – if you do two crappy things then you will slide into oblivion – but your gut sense will give you the signpost, direction and sense of purpose in most cases.

I recognise that this message is hardly radical or new, but few people that I know practice it with Zen like (or any) attention.

One final point, doing less goes against our instincts and that’s why for many people they don’t achieve their potential. They are so busy being busy that they fail to focus on the few things that would make the biggest difference in their lives.


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