Focus, focus, focus

The power of Focus

I keep coming back to a picture in my mind of Maurice Green the US 100m sprinter, who always reminded me of a caged animal.

You could tell when he was in the zone – normally when he settled into his blocks – and then all hell was let loose; it really was a sight to behold. I imagine it psyched his opponents big time.

Phil Taylor the 15 x world champion is similar albeit he is carrying a few more lbs than Maurice.

I am going to consider this further down the line and consider a series of tips to help you get into your own zone (I think there are different types of zonal approaches – some require more finesse than others) but the important thing to keep in mind is controlling that inner voice. The one that allows you to hopefully turn things on and off – usually positive to negative. This also means that a habit will have to be adopted as otherwise people may just think you have entered a manic phase.

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