Following your own path

“The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain.” 

Colin Wilson

How many of us follow our own path?

Look around you.

Are you doing something discernibly different?

We swim with the tide, but, in the end, we find a hollow place.

Contrary, different, opinionated are associated with… the awkward squad. But what’s so different to saying something different?

It’s all in the doing.

Look around you.

Is the conversation, yours or your friends, that different?

I long for someone or something to engage with that makes me think. To spark something inside that unsettles me. But, it’s all so predictable.

Unless we test our philosophy and autobiography, we will forever remain fixed in one place.

The next time something awakens inside you, and I mean beyond the tacit acceptance of what others expect of you, don’t kill the idea. Let it flower and grow to its full circumference.

You’re probably bored with me talking about the next great thing, but why shouldn’t we question what it means to truly live without the need to conform to what we are programmed to do or others expect of us.


And live fully.

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