Following your true calling

Are you pursuing your passion?

Or doing the work?

I am an big fan of Steven Pressfield and, more particularly, the thesis in his seminal book The War of Art that it’s Resistance that is holding us back from following our true calling.

[Note: Perhaps this is why so many books have been written on auto-suggestion, the power of positive thinking and personal development. No Resistance – no movement.]

His latest book Turning Pro builds on the malady. But if you want to know how to overcome Resistance then you should read Do the Work by Steven or Linchpin by Seth Godin.

The only thing that I keep telling myself is that the creative act is primitive, and the more I think about something the less likely it is I will do it.

It’s about starting now, where you stand and not looking for all the answers.

If your muse is calling then you have no choice but to do Art.

The longer you put things off – retirement et al – the less likely it is you will ever do it, and your life will be a life half-lived, unfulfilled and lacking the emotion of following your passion.

If you think this is just a load of New Age mumbo jumbo then you could do worse than go back to 1953 and read one of the most powerful books ever written Man’s Search for Himself by Rollo May. For me, at least, I realise that we have been wrestling with this issue long before the Internet came along.

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