Getting to the top

We’re obsessed with getting somewhere.

If we’re here we want to be over there, and the corporate world (in particular) seems to have seduced you to believe that over ‘there’ is where you need to be, particularly if success is your credo.


Why do we buy into a narrative that says we’re not good enough as we are? Or worse still, we’re nothing without a dog-collar job title.

The money?
The fame?
The…[fill in the blank]?

I accept that what I’m saying will, for many, stick in their craw or worse still, but, frankly, from my very lowly perch I don’t particularly care. I don’t care because I know that whatever I say (…what the hell do I know anyway?) won’t make a jot of difference to the Grand Masters and Mistresses who’ve sold you the elixir (and that could be your parents, teachers as well as the Bosses) that you’re nothing unless you lean your life-ladder against the wall and you gird your loins ready for the many rungs that you’ve got to scale if you want to make something of your life.

Go for it.

No, I mean it.

If you feel that that’s how your life should play out, then far from me to tell you to put down your dreams or aspirations based on a silly, slightly whimsical blog.

But then again, I’d invite you to consider if this is what you were born to do?

If not, perhaps it’s time to invest as much energy as your job, asking a more profound question than:

“What’s next [on the race to the top]”?

I’m no expert on how you might connect with true self, but one thing I do know: whilst you bury yourself in work, tapping that not unlimited well of drive and determination and stuffing down all those slightly queasy, apprehensive feelings, you’re moving further and further away from the person you are at the deepest most profound level.

Trust me. I should know. That’s what I did until the age of 43 when I suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage and I woke up to something more profound than making money for people who didn’t give a shit about me.

Take care.

Photo by Mitya Ivanov on Unsplash