Hail the Artisan

I remember fondly watching Record Breakers presented by the late Roy Castle.

I loved his personality – it literally shone from the screen.

You will, I hope, remember the song dedication? For me, the idea was more a metaphor for life than how to break records.

But, how many people do you meet these days who you would describe as dedicated? And, I don’t mean in the sense of bleeding for their Art. I mean the sort of people who aspire to be the best, are willing to commit everything and burn all means of escape.

It’s a well worn cliché, but everyone is after a quick win; however, there are only so many of them.

What happens then?

For me, the future doesn’t belong to the fastest, biggest or most efficient. But to the artisan. The person who has dedicated their life to being the best – not just for the sake of being the best – but, rather, because they love what they do.

And, for most people in work, this is where it gets tricky.

They pursue a ‘career’ that they have fallen into by happenstance, and not something that brings them to life, fills them with passion and where everyday is an opportunity to create Art (your best work).

You may feel, and I wouldn’t disagree, that going to work will never completely satisfy your seat of passion; but too many people are stuck doing something they hate, and, in those circumstances, they will never reach their potential.

I am not positing that everyone throws in the towel and follows their heart. But we do need to be more challenging of the status quo and put the onus on those that rely on labour to treat their people as the most prized asset, and not pay lip service to the label.

As I have always said, if you put the people first then everything else will look after itself.

There is a great quote, I think from Dave Liniger of Re/Max, where he says: “We are a life success company.” How many businesses can say they provide that sort of opportunity?

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