How am I doing?

I am a great believer in feedback – even the s*** sandwich variety can be instructive, if not always welcome.

But what of my blogging?

Here I am sitting here day after day and pontificating about one issue after another, and it occurred to me that, at no stage, have I sought your feedback.

Well, what do you think?

  • Do you like the Theme of the blog?
  • Are you able to read it on your mobile?
  • Are the posts too long, too short or is the language a bit stuffy (old lawyer habits die hard!)?
  • Would you prefer if I blogged less regularly?
  • Are the issues too repetitive?
  • Would you prefer if I brought back to life some of the more popular posts and checked on the validity of the issues?
  • Should I offer up more How To posts?
  • Would you welcome more Evergreen content perhaps contained in an eBook?
  • Do you think sound works or is video more your cup of tea?
  • Would you pay for the content if it was more refined or focused towards your practice area? If so, how much would you pay?
  • Should I open up the blog to guest bloggers?

These are only some of the issues that are constantly on my mind; but, the point is, without your input I am mindful that I could end up writing a pile of vacuous, self-serving material that helps no one.

If I am honest, I had expected to get more engagement. And I don’t mean the sort of sycophantic, you-are-so-wonderful stuff, but rather from people who have a contrary point of view. Its not that I like an argument – I spent the last 14 years in that space – but rather I think it’s the only way I will get better.

If you don’t feel comfortable setting out your thoughts below, then I would be delighted to start a Google+ Hangout or have a chat on Skype or exchange an email or two.

I am conscious that I have gone through a number of fundamental changes with my blog, not least the fact that I have adopted the Brand You slogan and have opened up the topics.

If you have a few minutes I would love to hear from you.



PS. Here is one of my most played Soundcloud recordings just to remind you of the platform.

PPS. Here is a previous blog post on Scribd that will save you the hassle of looking around the site.

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