How do I say this?

It has always been about … YOU.

Your career.

Your business.

Your clients.

Your brand.

Your success.

Your sense of achievement.

Your well being.

You will think me stark raving mad, but I couldn’t be more serious.

Your are in practice to serve.

It is no different for me.

I don’t care for the firm edifice – may be I should – no I care about you.

This is not some veiled attempt at me sucking up to your better side; I didn’t give up on legal practice to reverse engineer a hotch potch of skills. I left law because I thought I could add more of my passion, skills, drive, insight and, dare I say wisdom, to helping you become the most of anything.

My thing: The Power of Brand You.

Ultimately, when you cut out the crap of doing it, doing it, doing it, all that is left is your innate passion, dedication and calling.

If you have found a way to reach your nirvana then treasure the moment. It doesn’t happen enough, particularly when you are tying to juggle your expectant (billing) masters.

If you want to make the most of your life, your career and your skills it is supremely important for you to go to work on your life and not in it.

If you go and look at the Domino Project you will Seth Godin offering the wonderful, life changing book on goal setting that was first espoused by the King of motivation Zig Ziglar. I have the original series, and what an amazing resource it is. If nothing else the book makes you think about your life in the round: career, family, money and spiritual connectivity.

My life was changed when I was admitted to hospital in March 2010 with a subarachnoid hemorrhage. I don’t do illness or hospitals despite the fact that my wife is a nurse, and spending a very intense period in hospital made me realise that to become what we truly are meant following my passion, and not languishing in a law firm where I was slowly dying.

Sure this is melodramtic, but trust me when you have been close to death you don’t dwell too much on the notion of career development.

It is about your life as it should be, and not as others would wish it.

Would I wish it were different?

I don’t know but all I know is that absent a f___ing big whack to the head, I would never have considered that law was not really me.

Ultimately, I saw law as providing me with a set of Golden Handcuffs that would see me slowly quieten my inner voice and subsume it to the necessity to provide an income for me and my family that would see us do the same as my peer group to fit the stereotype of being a lawyer.

Sorry but that is not me.

I regard our calling as far more important, no matter how selfish that may seem to our family and friends.

Perhaps this blog post is too personal for many of you. You want me to tell you the hard-headed facts to billing more, getting to partnership and making lots of money along the way. Sorry that’s not me.

I want you to look inwardly first, second and third. If all these aforementioned drivers float your boat, then I trust for your sake that you are being honest with yourself.

If not then you will burn out quicker than you can imagine.

The only way that you will sustain yourself is to follow your dreams, your creative path and the pursuit of something  bigger than the pay check.

Look around you.

How many people are genuinely enjoying what they do.

In truth most of them are worn down by the:

1. Administration;

2. Need to conform;

3. Hiding their real persona;

4. Risk of being sued;

5. Their clients’ unecessary expectations.

Will this blog make a difference or change your thinking?

Who knows.

But all I would ask is that you look at yourself and ask if you are the most of anything?

If fear is our enemy then it is about time we worked out what it is that is stopping us from reaching our potential.

May be it is that inner voice that keeps preaching to us. But, all I know, is that when we are talked at then, very often, if not always, it elucidates what it is we should be doing.

Should I be starting a new business in the middle of the recession?

Hell no.

But if I didn’t, I couldn’t say that I was trying my hardest to be the most that I could be.

But the issue is the issue.

Not cryptic but truthful.

None of us were born into this World to go through life being something other than us.


Focus on the one thing that is going to make the biggest difference to your life.

Focus on it.

If you don’t feel invigorated and enlivened by the process then you are faking it for the sake of something else.

I love what I do.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stay curious.

And focus on You.

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