How many sets of Instructions do you need?

The line between failure and success is wafer thin.

It’s no surprise that we look for a formula to copy.

That said, there are few original ideas.

And yet, the consumption of ‘success’ instructions is insatiable.

But, at some stage, you have to stop, and do something.

I follow a few blogs, and they have been helpful on a number of fronts. But, increasingly, I recognise the same message being dished up.

Perhaps the writer assumes that s/he needs to repeat the point, but, surely, it’s about showing how your followers have implemented your message.

How much evidence of (radical) change can you demonstrate?

Are you expecting people just to be a bit better?

Life, success, happiness boils down to being fully self-expressed.

To realising your potential.

If someone tells you how they have turned their life around, are you willing to go through the same process?

Too often people know what they should do but are afraid to do anything different.

If you read something that moves you, then it is an abdication if you don’t act. You might as well not have bothered.

It’s not the fear of change that stops you but the fact you are too comfortable where you are.

How many times do you read about people who have stared death in the face, and go on to complete extraordinary feats? It shouldn’t take you to face such a stark option.

Focus on one thing that you have always wanted to master.

Give it everything you’ve got.

It could be a new skill, an exercise regime or cultivating a relationship.

Time is the most precious resource in the world.

Don’t squander it taking in any more instructions or the very least put yourself on a diet and say that you will read no more books or blogs for a while.

You know what you have to do.

And you don’t need someone else to tell you.

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