How many things really change us?

When I say ‘change’, I mean to describe something that makes us see and experience the world anew.

I can’t know for certain but depending on your cultural persuasion, it’s unlikely that anything other than a brush with death or watching a loved one die will knock you from your perch or influence you to such a degree that you’ll do a volte face your predilection not to interfere with our disturb the status quo.

I’m not saying there aren’t other ways to open our souls to the portent of life but too many of us, even if broken asunder for a while, soon (if we’re not careful) revert to our human ways.

If there’s a genesis to this post it’s simply this (and I don’t make my point lightly): too many people focus on solutions and never the underlying issue.

“You need to get better, here, try this for size.”

Sorry, life’s not like that.

In fact, we’d be much better off soothing our sorry souls with a walk in nature, quietly contemplating the magic of life or sharing time — proper time! — with a loved one.