How much do really want It?

It’s just part of the job?

Because I have been told to do it?

It will further my career.

I really need this.

It’s as if nothing else mattered.

If not number 5, then why do you do you continue to do it?

I love what I do.

Let me repeat.

I love what I do.

But I am acutely aware that too many people are going through motion after boring motion just to see the end of the day out.

“I can’t wait until the weekend.”

May be it’s not the same thing: working for yourself as opposed to others. And perhaps it is impossible to be truly fulfilled in the calling of others, or working to fulfil the vision of your masters.

Who knows.

I still recall my time in practice where I attended dull meeting after mind-numbing meeting only hear to the same lame excuses. Top of the list was “I haven’t got time. I am too busy.”

The truth of the matter is that when the going is good we never do have enough time, and certainly the things we know we should be doing get pushed to the back-burner in favour of the things we have to do.

If you want things to change, in whatever direction, then you have to want it to change.

You have to ardently desire it.

If someone tells you that you have to bill more, what the hell does that look like?

More green time?

More sucking up?

More internal networking?

More external networking?

More social media engagement?

This approach is too nebulous and demotivating. I can’t see what any of these look like.

The trick: start with the end in mind.

But also work out the cause and effect quotient to make sure that you spend more time doing the things that work for you.

As example, in the old days (y-a-w-n…) you were meant to be seen in all the right places for the betterment of you and your firm. Nowadays, you need to think of your on-line capability and presence just as much. Are you blogging, on Google + and have a You Tube video to showcase your niche?


Why not.

Let me guess.

You don’t want *it* enough.

Don’t beat yourself up. Pushing yourself is damn hard. You have enough balls in the air without having to cope with another cluster. But whatever you have set your heart on – being professionally fulfilled, earning lots of money, developing your personal brand or providing for your loved ones – you have to want it more than the pain of change.

If you don’t want it that badly then my advice is stop moaning and make the best of your situation.

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