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How to scale social media

In my experience, ‘how to’ posts don’t work, particularly with something as ethereal as social media.

You have to come to the paradigm, lean into the humanity of sharing remarkable content and develop your tribe.

Social media = people + people + people.

Look at your LinkedIn statistics (the 3rd level connections look particularly impressive), and you will understand what I mean.

If you think you can Tweet yourself to fame and fortune then you are deluded. Twitter just plays to the Resistance – that gnarly voice inside your head which stops you doing your best work. Ditto Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Tumblr, Slideshare, Prezi, Google+.

It doesn’t matter what business space you occupy – professional services or otherwise – your fans want to be WOWed with the value of your offering, or understand how you can help them.

Content is fine – no its more than that its the sine qua non of your engagement – but you have to go beyond the ubiquitous nature of sales led content (which is ego driven: “we are the best”).

You have to earn attention, and give people a reason to comment, share and eulogise.

Any runaway rarely mutates that way by dint of the web; WOM is key.

Next time you are huddled round the PC, tablet or mobile, just imagine what would cause you to tell someone else about what you just read, view, or listened to. If you find yourself y-a-w-n-i-n-g then it’s unlikely that you will scale your offering.

Social media is hard. It requires proper resourcing, an understanding of the psyche of your audience and an innate curiosity.

If all this sounds looks and feels too hard or just plain dumb then stop kidding yourself, stick to the knitting and make bigger promises and stick to them time after time.

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