If it’s not broken, break it

How many firms have a department devoted to breaking up the businesses and rebuilding it?

I don’ just mean innovation but going very much further.

Just imagine that you could build the business from the ground up:

> new leaders

> new managers

> new clients

> new systems

> new standards

> new charges

> new clients

> new everything.

How would you respond to the challenge?

If this is a leap of faith too far, then what one thing would you change today that would make the biggest difference to your practice?

Legal practice is a sure-footed business. Save for the people dynamic, which is always challenging, not much really changes about the work. It’s not like you are breaking new (legal) ground every day.

There must be one thing that bugs you.

What is it?

Have you resolved this year to change things once and for all?

You may have decided that this is the year that you make the big career push or you want to make your life more balanced. Whatever it is, make sure that you go to work on it every day as if your life was at stake. Don’t sit around in a stuper with an angry face hoping somehow that the problem will fix itself.

To have more you have to become more, and if it means working on yourself then do so. Life is truly what you make it.

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