If you want to be a solicitor

…. you study law.

If you want to be professional athlete

…. you practice on your craft for 10 years or more and hope to win some medals.

If you want to be a surgeon

…. you work long hours, commit yourself to a vocation and hope to get some breaks along the way.

If you want to be an artist

…. and this is where it gets a bit trickier.

There isn’t a set plan or orthodoxy that says if you do this or that then you will get that or this in return. Yes, you can get a fine art degree but that doesn’t mean you will be another Van Gogh or Picasso.

This is no different when considering how to become successful. Yes, there are a million books written, personality types to mimic but no one formula has universal application. If it did, then we would all be scaling the heights of success.

Now I recognise that success has many different meanings but even if it meant wealth how many of us make that a study?

The truth is that so few of us follow our passion, and work with those extraordinary talents that we all possess in abundance. We are subdued or deflected from following our true calling for fear of the unknown.

Don’t think this means goal setting or time management or some pre-determined set of rules that someone asks you to implement. No, it just means following your instincts and doing the things that truly inspire you to do your very best all of the time.

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