ignore the experts

The Internet has made everyone an expert.

If it isn’t the next get rich quick scheme, it’s some novel methodology that is endorsed by a few A-listers.

Don’t be taken in by any of it.

The only sure fire way to success is to do what you love.

Too often we talk ourselves out of following our dream because of the money.

But great Art isn’t done by companies (even films have to brought to life by people).

People make Art.

And when I talk about Art, I mean doing your very best work whether that manifests in pictures, words or something that changes the World (your world) for the better.

Stop listening to the experts.

They might have a few more hours on the clock, but are their motives the same as yours?


Buy a copy of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

Do your best work. The rest will look after itself.

Ignore the experts.

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