I’m saying this…

On all my blogging platforms: I need to, once again, refine and understand what it is and how it is I want to communicate my message(s).

I’d like to say that this ‘idea’ popped into my head but it didn’t. It was inspired by a blog post entitled “Two Decades of Blogging” by Sameer Vasta.

What next?

A period of reflection.

That’s not to say I won’t blog here or elsewhere, but I’m going to spend time, inter alia, musing on:

if I need to blog at all?
if so, which of my current platforms I want to or can maintain?
what do I still feel inspired to write about and share?
who am I writing for?

I appreciate that this doesn’t help you — for now at least — but for a while now, I’ve been close to giving up the whole blogging escapade, and if I don’t take time out, it’s very likely I’ll pull the plug, much like I did when I deleted my LinkedIn account.

Much love.



Photo by Thomas Martinsen on Unsplash