I’m still blogging

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”
― Charles Bukowski

August is always a tricky month when it comes to blogging.

Of course, you could go the Seth Godin way (i.e. post daily), but then again, from past experience, you quickly run out of steam.

(I’m sure Godin isn’t just a one-trick pony but then again, and far from me to say, he’s not pushed the needle far enough when it comes to marketing. The truth is, we don’t need to consume stuff — ideas, yes — when the earth is slowly being cooked to a cinder and our gluttony is ruining every bloody thing.)

Truthfully, though, I know I’ve been haphazard in my writing: a bit on Patreon, something on Tumblr and the odd post on this blog. It’s kept me in the game but it’s not where I want to be, now, or in the future.

In time, I will revamp this blog to include the aforementioned sites and a few more links to people that continue to inspire me — e.g. Stephen Jenkinson, Charles Eisenstein and Seb Alex but for now the layout will remain.

To be clear, though, I intend to write as often as I can, and I hope the posts will be a cross-over between an essay and a prompt (to self as much as anything) to reflect on my/our experience of life and what it means to be alive all body, mind and spirit.

I’d like to say that there will be a consistent theme but that’s not the way I tend to write: I show up at my desk, breathe and write whatever is birthed.

My past blogging

I’ve blogged on the travails of the legal profession, the inequities of organisational life and a few other topics that have taken my fancy. I don’t think that’s been very helpful to me but especially the reader. I don’t mean in the sense of snake oil, pop-up marketing but, instead, finding the right message to connect with you at the deepest level. Of course that sounds pretentious, but what I’m really getting at is to know that I’ve written my best stuff.

Trust me, I don’t need smoke blown where the sun doesn’t shine to make me write or write a particular way. I write because I care and if you read my material then so much the better.

My current interests

You could do worse than follow me on Twitter or Patreon but it’s fair to say my writing is infused now by my deep-seated concern for the deleterious state of the planet. You know, the place that gives us life. Duh! Not just that but I feel inclined to speak up about being vegan and why I think we should all consider turning our back on the meat, dairy and fish industries who, at least in part, are part of the problem of global warming and, certainly, overfishing.

You might ask, what I’m trying to achieve? The honest answer is I don’t know. Probably nothing but then again, much like Stephen Jenkinson has written about, he’s troubled out loud by what he sees in the world, and I feel the same. Troubled as to how one species — i.e. homo sapiens — can ignore their destruction of the planet; troubled by how we live such individualistic lives; troubled by how few people are willing to speak out against the status quo for fear (mostly) of losing their jobs; and troubled by our dereliction of duty in not doing more to curb our addiction to materialism/consumption.

I recognise that I’m biting off a mammoth project, but, hey, what else is there to do with the rest of my life?


F* off.

Sorry, I know that’s offensive but that’s what I’ve been conditioned to believe is my destiny; namely, to keep everyone — i.e. my family, colleagues and the sellers of so much unwanted sh*t — happy.

Solemnly, I’ve done my turn, and whilst I’m still at the coalface, I have this burning desire to change the Working-For-The-Man record and go on the road. Right now, with my youngest daughter still at Secondary School studying for her GCSEs, I’m going to have to wait at least another year or possibly three (if she chooses to study for her A-levels) but that won’t stop me exploring as best I can.

I appreciate that your time is valuable and the last thing you want to do is waste it reading a blog that means nothing to you, but I honestly believe that each of us, in some way or another, wishes to explore and understand more about the world we inhabit and how to live closer to true selves. If I can help in that journey, then so much the better.




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