In the minority

“Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape. ” ― William S. Burroughs

Do you ever feel like a lone voice?

I do.

Do I care?

No, not really: I’m not trying to please anyone or garner attention but it does make for a slog.

Perhaps it’s me but I’d have thought the climate catastrophe and loss of biodiversity would be the #1 issue — for all of us — and not all the BS that adorns the airwaves, chiefly driven on by the moral imperative.

Who cares?

I don’t.

Then again, I’m still playing in the sandpit, albeit I feel like I’m at the end of the road, and if I was fired or made redundant tomorrow I wouldn’t be surprised. (In many ways it would be like euthanising a distressed/dying animal.)

I know Twitter and other social media platforms are not a barometer of anything, less still the state of the world, but there is so much said that is taken as read or is unhesitantly one-sided in favour of (I’m sad to say) maintaining the status quo — which is not what we need right now!

Yes, yes, I get it. Everyone has to earn a living and if that means playing to the gallery and selling out in the name of the big fat $$ then so be it. But at least from my vantage point it’s:

a) shallow as hell; and
b) misses the fact that in the not too distant future there will be no point selling anything on a dead planet.

Think about it like this:

what is it the world needs right now?

More GDP?
More knowledge?
More human living?
More people?
More consumption?
More competition?
More Christmas?

If not these, then what?

I must admit to feeling a little tired of my own voice and speaking to people who are desperate to persuade me that climate change is not that big a deal and instead work, money, family and comfort are much more important.

I could give it all up, pack my bags and just eff off. Who the hell am I anyway? Some pessimistic relic who loves the sound of his own voice? Possibly, but then again, I do feel that if I don’t speak up and speak my mind, then who will?

One day perhaps there might emerge a consensus over the enormity of the problem but my concern, especially for the kids, is that it will be too late. Therefore, if nothing else, I’d like to try to keep the fire burning on something that I believe will, if we’re not very careful, engulf and destroy all of us in the near future.

Onwards dear readers.

— Julian