In the Moment

There is only now.

No past.

No present.

Just now.

And yet we hopelessly drift off envisioning something else.

Of course, you need to see the long game (goals are important), but there are simply too many deviations to know for sure where you will end up.

Many of us, including me, struggle with concentrating on this moment. I have tried many rituals but I still find that deep, purposeful breathing is the best hack I know.

Breathing isn’t just a necessity. It grounds us when we take the time to feel the life force that one or two deep breaths give us. This isn’t about meditation, mindfulness of some newly framed woo woo. This is just about feeling the moment, planting a spot and enjoying the pleasure of life.

If you can’t find the space to breathe where you are, leave your place, go for a walk or do something that takes your mind into the now. In my case, I cycle. Yes, I love the ‘buzz’ but I also find when I am on the edge of my fitness level that I have nothing but now to think about – one pedal revolution after another. I also find that reading poetry does something similar but it has to be quiet for me to feel the present moment.

This isn’t difficult and yet we never really master the moment.

Our lives seem programmed to always look for the next thing.

Breath, and enjoy now. It is all you have.

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