Look at us all.

Running like crazed lunatics.

To get away from our:

our shitty lives
jobs that make no sense
a purposeless life
and, so much more.

But it’s all so vain when set against the destruction we’ve wrought against the earth and all living things.

I mean, how much more bad news do you need to read before you wake up to what’s really going on?

Of course, that’s not the way you see the world. I’m not suggesting that everyone’s caught in the litmus test for our life, namely our selfie-obsessed, materialistic culture but it sure looks that way.

(Imagine for a moment, you’re one of the many animals that have been decimated by man’s obsession with growth. How would you feel? Scared? I would.)

Perhaps I’m being too vanilla in my haste to point out the oh-so-bloody-obvious but surely what marks us out right now, is our crass indifference.

You know the drill.

We don’t give a shit about anything other ‘me’, ‘I’ and ‘mine’.

Yes, there are few people who serve something less personal but they’ve long since been drowned out or annihilated by the dominant narrative; namely, the industrial complex that exhorts us — no demands of us — that we be the best version of ourselves.

Yes, but at what cost?

And before you turn your invective in my direction, ask yourself if this life you prize so highly — whether real or imagined — is and should be the apogee of all that you hold dear. If not, perhaps it’s time to take a stand, and not just because another more prescient tribe holds sway.

No, because you care more others think is wise.

You care because you’ve no choice.

And you care because you know it’s the only way you’ll come alive to true self.