“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often” Mark Twain

Planning is important whether you are running a professional practice, a not for profit organisation or a school. If nothing else it gives everyone a sense of purpose and a clear set of objectives towards the ultimate goal.

I am not a list person unlike Tom Peters who has written some fantastic books which are structured around a list of principles on how to capture the paradigm shift around Excellence. But, rather, I like to focus on the changed position of the business and envision the emotional feel of whatever objective I have set myself. Not to sound too ethereal: to give me a warm feel or sense of real, honest satisfaction.

Inertia is terribly important. Lawyers may not be unique in this regard but they do have a proclivity sometimes to give up on a project or not commit fully to it. This usually arises because the results or the changed position do not come quickly enough.

If I wanted to make things happen then I would:

  1. Keep the project small and consigned to a few people;
  2. Make sure that everyone knew what was in it for them;
  3. Make sure that expectations were not unrealistic;
  4. Manage your and the group’s expectations;
  5. Don’t procrastinate but just do;
  6. Make a (short) list and keep it to one thing per person per day or week;
  7. Make sure that the feedback is honest feedback and you straight talk each other;
  8. Keep a log of the outcomes and remember to celebrate even the smallest of gains;
  9. Don’t be misled by what the competition is doing;
  10. Stay focused – if you need inspiration then play some loud music at the beginning and the end of the day.

If you truly believe in the project then you will get there. You need to keep the end result in mind but it is just as important to focus on the here and now. Keep pushing through even when the results don’t come. Remember that the fear of failure is not new and you can bet you bottom $ that someone else has been through the process and succeeded. That should convince you that if they can do it then so can you.

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