Inner peace

It’s elusive; a vagrant of our times: there’s too much of everything.

This morning it was a blackbird — the same one that’s been showing up at 6 am — that caught my attention. I stopped. Listened. And felt myself home — silently and surely.

Of course, it never lasts. There’s always something pulling at our attention. Still, it’s not like I’m out the door to do a 12-hour shift. Sunday is usually quiet and I hope today is no different.

But think about it, beyond these paltry words:

imagine a world where we could access inner bliss, almost on demand, where we are one with everything and no-thing. a star of a thousand emotions; or a silent, ethereal ghost.

One day, perhaps.

Until then, I’ll cherish my ‘blackbird‘ moments and the time I spend in nature where I feel a wholeness that never offers itself in any other area of my life.

Blessings dear readers.

— Ju