Inner peace

“If there are fish that would swim or birds that would fly only after investigating the entire ocean or sky, they would find neither path nor place.” ― Dōgen

We lead such busy lives.

If we’re not doing, we feel guilty.

This isn’t natural.

Our natural state is peace, equanimity and silence.

You know that, surely?

The trouble is that if we’re not careful these qualities can become a trap, particularly when we’re sold on retreating, meditating and adopting a slower pace of life as the path to enlightenment.

If my experience is anything to go by you don’t need to go anywhere to find inner peace.

It’s here.

Right now.

It’s only our mind that gets in the way.

That doesn’t mean you’ve eternally got to look for an off switch but to ask yourself who or what is it that witnesses your thoughts, experiences your feelings and emotions and why it is you think there exists a separate, divisible me almost like we’re controlled by a homunculus.

Who or what am I?

Not this; not that.

Then what?

The whole of the indivisible?

Who knows?

But from that place of not knowing it’s easier not to assume a or anything.

Am I making sense?


Well, ask yourself when you last felt completely in tune with you’re beingness.

What were you doing?

Where were you?

Who were you with?

Do you think that if you created the same experience to the letter it would manifest the same peace?

If you think you can, and sorry to disappoint you, then you’ve fallen under the spell that afflicts so many people; namely, they think happiness et al. is an external phenomenon. This is no different to believing that the apogee of a life well lived is to have sufficient money to live a comfortable life.

Good luck with that one.



Photo by Mahdi Bafande on Unsplash