Inner peace

I am sorry that I have been off air for a few weeks. I experienced my first brush with the downside of trying to run a Twitter account through the day job when I inadvertently upset a client of my law firm (sorry again) but it did make me reflect on the social media/business phenomenon and if I should be trying to push out material, even if in my own time, that was focused on my passion for personal development.

Having had 2 weeks off and having attended the LikeMinds social media conference (which was excellent) I am totally convinced that my future lies with social media. I have now switched my focus to the chosen brand of One Life (@0NeLife on Twitter) and this will make things very much clearer going forward. Hopefully I can keep a regular post of material that has meaning and worth or the buzzword of “content”.

How did I get to this point? It wasn’t easy – this blog post is cryptic on the detail – but getting closer to nature and my family was key. The horizon of life never seems the same – whether that involves the pace of life or the immediacy of your position – when you compare to the long-term position of nature. “Don’t sweat it” is such a great summary for what you see in nature where things simply mature at a much slower pace. The trouble is with life being so precious and fragile we very often don’t feel we have the time to delay in our decision making. But I firmly believe that sometimes the only way to achieve inner peace is to remove yourself completely from the situation and detoxify your mind.

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