Is anything remarkable?

Seth Godin has written extensively about how to be remarkable.

Unfortunately, I don’t recognise it as a paradigm, distinct from being useful, helpful or adding value.

Let’s face it, if you blow people away with your offering very few people would be disposed to keep it under their hat.

I think what I’m saying is don’t get too hung up on creating something that people have cause to talk about. In fact, that’s looking at things through the wrong lens: If what you do is brilliant then the rest will take care of itself.

Too often these days I read a blog post and am left asking the question: “Really? Are you seriously expecting me to believe the hyperbole?” Whereas, the people who have no agenda, produce something that feels much closer to who they are and what they believe, enlivens me to believe in them or their product/service.

In yesterday’s post, I was moved to write about those people who would have no interest in promoting a company’s product or service if it wasn’t for the fact they worked for them. On its face, you might think that not a bad thing, but to my mind when you feel compelled to plough such a narrow tract rarely do you produce anything that is remarkable let alone useful.

At this stage, I don’t have any prophetic offerings. In fact, what I say should make no difference – it’s all about your followers and connections.

What do they think?

Some people will resort to stupid messaging to grab attention. In my book, they fail at the first step of ordinariness. Also, once the die is cast, it doesn’t leave much scope to deliver a more diverse message.

I’ve no doubt that many people are stuck and have run out of things to say. But if they’re willing to sit down and do some planning – think ‘them’ not ‘us’ (always) – then they will quickly understand what their audience craves. Perhaps that’s it. All we’re talking about is a consideration of the space and making time for your content planning to expand into something beyond a sales message.

Don’t lose sight of what you do best and the need to focus on the knitting. Trying to produce mellifluous content is not where the rubber meets the road, but delivering the best product or service is the genesis of all comment.


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