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Is being right the only way?

Learn more from your mistakes

“Start being wrong and suddenly anything is possible.”

Paul Arden

Lawyers think they are infallible.

Even if they are wrong or don’t know the answer they won’t admit it.

Risk is inevitable in any business and the market has driven us all into a corner with very little wriggle room. You dare not admit your mistake for fear of being sued.

But this mentality stifles:

  1. Creativity;
  2. Innovation;
  3. Learning from your mistakes;
  4. Failing;
  5. Testing;
  6. Passing on something of value;
  7. Thinking laterally.

I firmly believe that, into the future, those firms that prosper will be those that are prepared to try something radical, and not try to incrementally improve their existing service. The truly great firms will show the market what it needs rather than the market showing it (we don’t really know what we want – we are looking at you to come up with something).

If your mentality doesn’t embrace failure then it will be impossible to move the discussion on. You will only be interested in something that is predictably certain.

Change your mindset. Lean into failure.

A change of mindset will open up opportunities currently obscured from view.

~ Julian Summerhayes ~

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