is different different?





you set out to build a following.

you ape the businesses or people who are successful.

nothing wrong, you think.

and then.

you begin the steady decline.

there is no difference.

you look and feel the same.

some even take this to extreme and deliberately make everything, down to the last detail, feel and look the same.

but then.

someone suggests you need to differentiate.

what is you USP?


you think

and some more.

and you set out on a path to be different.

to stand out.

hey presto.

you pull it off.

a new shiny offering that has the market talking about you.

and it isn’t long before your new tribe develops.


and the profits keep rolling in.

stop and focus.

things are way too good.

but then …

one copy

and then another.

and, before you know it, you are back where you started, with profits et al on the slide.

and that’s just it.

when is different different?

there are far too many businesses owners who have stopped thinking.

if they are not copying a model, they think that any difference is a good difference but in reality it is very difficult to find something that is unique, interesting or worth deviating towards.

different does not mean:




just wacky.

different means doing something genuinely remarkable.

in short, something that you might think of (in your subsconscious) but you haven’t got the muscle, inclination, gumption or passion to try.

there is a point where different meets innovation, meets inventiveness but it doesn’t have to mean thinking so far outside of the box that you are never heard from again.

what does 100% better than your current offering look like?

or risk free?

or moving the market in your direction: packaging, hours of opening or how the product (or service) is produced (or delivered).

there is way, way too much ho hum.

it’s no wonder, these days, when we find something that works we feel enlivened, overjoyed and relieved.

utility providers, in particular, think they are doing us a favour, but, in truth, they haven’t got the first idea what it means to delight.

manufacturers build for obsolescence not permanence. but just because i own one never-let-me-down object doesn’t mean i won’t buy a line extension or tell everyone how remarkable the product is.

and what of service that not only comes with a smile but guarantees satisfaction every time regardless.

keep asking yourself the question: is this the best we can be?

will it make you


quite possibly.

but is different different?

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