Is it just writing?

It’s never just writing but I’m not sure that what I do can be called anything else.

A blog?

In the days of Substack etc., I think it’s hard to know what to call a self-hosted WordPress site where I write a daily post.

If I’m honest, I think the old days of blogging have gone the way of so many things. Namely, the reward vs. the effort has meant a lot of people have fallen off the wagon.

Of course, like all these things, I’m sure the point is debatable but I now feel more comfortable saying that “I write a few words” than I do calling myself a blogger. It’s not that the latter sounds pretentious but, truth is, my experience and what I write about isn’t important to the world and I’m always pleasantly surprised when anyone reaches out and says they enjoy reading my stuff.

In the past I’ve opined on what floats my earthly, existential boat and what else I might write about but I do realise that my writing bandwidth is fairly narrow. Also, there are lots of things I don’t write about and some things I write too much about, and that means that even I get bored sometimes and find myself saying the same thing over and over. Work is a case in point: I’ve been doing it for 41 years and have tried my hand at a multitude of jobs and, yet, the gig, environs, Bosses and the cultural dynamic is still the same, albeit that technology has ripped a hole in so many businesses and made the job, in some cases, a lot more challenging than previously.

Right now, I’ve found a good rhythm and mix to my writing and am enjoying the difference between Tumblr and this platform. And I intend to keep going. I’ve no aims, no goals and I don’t see me trying to pitch you on anything other than trying to write the best stuff possible.

Have a wonderful Monday.