It’s always the small things

But it is.

A cup of coffee to start my day, a bit of music and to sit in silence and feel my breath pass over and through me.

And then the day romps across our busy lives…and we’re weighed down by it all.

Of course, each to his/her/their own and who am I to intrude on your day and fist-pump my cacophony of ideas but it’s always there: the need to write, to express myself in order (at the very least) to make sense of it.

This morning I knew I had to share these few words but I also had this overwhelming sense that I’m too small to hold the enormity of my life. Isn’t that strange? To feel overwhelmed with the potential that resides in my psyche. And no, this isn’t some ode to that bullshit of be all you can be but something much more resonant with my ancestry and the Gods of old. If anything, it’s a quickening to what’s out there waiting for me.


Perhaps that’s the best way to put it.

Blessed to be here: to have the opportunity to see what the day brings, even if or especially if it still resembles a faux version of what might be.

Onwards dear readers.

Take care and enjoy your day.

Much love,

— Ju.