It’s so ordinary

Imagine a world where we accepted everything.

But we never do.

We always want it different.

Perhaps it’s part of who or what we are qua humans.

You might think my message is premised on the slavish personal development drama — i.e get better — but it’s anything but that.

What I’m pointing to doesn’t need describing, despite my best attempts to do so.

Sure, I can wrap a whole load of spiritual speak around it and point to writers who’ve talked more eloquently than me on the subject but when you strip away everyting, all that’s left is this moving, shifting, happening experience we call life.

And (in case it needs saying) we’re not in charge of any it. We might think we are, namely an autonomous, self-directing ‘me’ but we’re not.

We go where we go; we do what we do; and we arrive where we arrive.

None of is planned or shaped by desire, passion, grit or whatever other words you care to call in aid.

I know. It sounds so hopeless but, actually, it’s liberating to know that you can relax into this moment — the only one there is — and be completely at peace with who you are. That doesn’t mean you can behave as you wish but then again, if that’s the way you’re expressed then (sadly) the rest of us will have to put up with it.

Blessings, Julian.