Just keep going

Now when I started out on this journey – blog, Twitter, Facebook and not quite, but almost, every social media site in Town (Jeff Bullas is still my favourite), I thought that I would end up being better informed and avoid perhaps some obvious mistakes. Ummm…

I think I have fallen into the trap of thinking that more is better. What an idiot. I think I have ended up with too much information and now have no time to sort it into manageable groups or an order that gives me the time to read it, let alone do anything meaningful with it.

The solution: stop looking at Twitter every 5 minutes, avoid loading Tweetdeck, ignore Facebook and the temptation to start looking down one or two of the excellent sites where I have my RSS feeder set; oh and one last thing: I need to unsubscribe to all those email alerts and offers of FREE material; I am now getting more emails at home than at work. I am surprised my wife hasn’t said something.

Key point (again): keep it focused on a few things and do them well. In my case it is to produce better and more informative content on this Blog; try to get some traffic to it – not because I think I have anything fantastic to say but simply that I am interested to know what others think and can comment; and read slowly and thoughtfully the books that I have amassed and the few that I have recently purchased (Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim being my current favourite followed close behind by Hardcore Zen by Brad Warner).

Right now to put my thoughts into action – go away Tweetdeck alerts…

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