Keeping the faith

Work has been a big part of my life.

At times I’ve found it fulfilling, but in large part, it’s been no better than ‘Ho Hum’.

In saying that, it would be easy to ascribe my longing to serve my soul as a volte-face work and working for others, but that’s never been the driving force.

Instead, and unlike so many of my peers, I’ve long held to the view that work should not be something we dread or have to endure, but as something that enriches our lives…over the long term.

Now you might think me hopelessly romantic or mildly quixotic, but I’m neither. I’m a hard-headed lawyer who can smell bullsh*t a mile off.

The truth is, I don’t think I’m alone. Given half a chance, I’m convinced that if employees were cared for in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance that they’d blossom beyond turning up with a faux smile in the hope of making it through the day.

I mean, come on. How hard can it be to espouse and then deliver against an ‘EMPLOYEES FIRST’ message that so many gurus are apt to spew forth?

Of course, to bring about this paradigm change requires every leader to see and understand that their measure of success shouldn’t only (if at all) be judged by the numbers (remember the Tom Peters message: ‘hard is soft; soft is hard’…) but instead, the personal transformation of every person in their charge.

Before you shout me down that this isn’t measurable, I’d ask you consider how much of your time at work is currently devoted to personal development be that a relevant course, time out the office to explore something new or even something so simple as time talking to others who can offer something more than a few company platitudes.

In the end, I’m still not sure where this leaves me. Working now for another company — I’ve long since stopped counting how many companies I’ve worked for — I could invest my time in shining a light on where I see a need for personal transformation but then again, if I value my long-term survival and as weak as it sounds, I’m just as likely to keep my head down and communicate my message elsewhere.

Onwards, forever onwards…