I was ill this week.

Not for the first time, it made me reflect on the things we take for granted, paramount being kindness.

It is, though, the aspect of our behaviour that most has the power to enrich lives.

Kindness shouldn’t be a prerequisite to anything. We should offer it unendingly and with joy.

We all have rituals – busy, busy, busy – but, how rarely, do we build kindness into our day? Yes, I know that might sound contrived, but just imagine it the other way.

What if, every day, you were greeted with a smile, a hearty thank you, sincere appreciation for a job done or the unexpected gesture?

In my case, someone who I work with, knowing that I was ill, very kindly gave me a small bag of fresh fruit, offering a few gentle words and that tell-tale worried look: “I hope you feel better soon.”

I was touched, and moved, to reflect that it truly is the little things that make the biggest difference in life.

Kindness is a wonderful gift.

Don’t ever be afraid to share it.


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