Law Firm Websites ~ Top tip: Enable a Share button!

Law firm websites are bland, but undoubtedly will get better. They have to if a firm wants to survive.

In terms of distribution of content, you rely on old-fashioned means, assuming that is you take what you have uploaded and decide to send it to your clients or prospects. You most likely rely upon hard-copy newsletters or email alerts to share your content. But it is hard work, time-consuming and there is usually a delay in the ‘breaking news’ hitting the clients’ desk.

The return?

Who knows.

We are all know that we should be working smarter not harder and that is where the share button comes into its own. If you are not familiar with it, you will see its orange square with a white cross or a green square with two white lines appearing on more an more websites. Here are a few example sites:

Social Media Today

Brian Solis

Seth Godin

You may not have worked out what you are supposed to do once it has been embedded and that may be because you have not embraced social media. If you have gone on to Twitter you will understand immediately the power of syndicating your content – whether that comes from your website or from elsewhere.

Practically speaking having a share button means that with one/two clicks you can distribute your firm’s content to LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook without having to mess about with cutting and pasting a url.

And perhaps more powerfully it also enables those clients who come to your site for meaningful content to share said content amongst their following. Just imagine what power that gives you.

What about including it in your emails? I haven’t yet seen a law firm install a share button but again just imagine the reach and spread that you could achieve.

If you haven’t yet installed a share button speak to your website company and get them to install it. Speak to your marketing department and see how the current batch of email alerts might include it. But for goodness sake don’t do nothing, especially if you have got this far into the post!

But just remember having a share button doesn’t turn lead into gold, meaning rubbish content is still rubbish content.

Content is king. And has to be remarkable if it is worth sharing, share button or no share button.

~ JS ~

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